New Videogame Lets You Battle Street Thugs in Chicago

We Are Chicago is a shockingly authentic game that attempts to portray the harsh realities associated with growing up on the south and west side of Chicago. You play the first person role of Aaron, a high school student just one week away from graduation. The trouble starts when Aaron’s friend stops showing up to school.


You are harassed at school, your friends are avoiding you, and you need to make sure your sister is safe from the dangers that surround you. Explore the life of Aaron growing up on Chicago’s south side as you find out who to trust and how to stay safe.

As Aaron’s world is unraveling around him, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for him to protect his family and loved ones among all the turmoil facing the neighborhood.


wearchicago1Players will need to uncover what’s going on, who Aaron’s real friends are, and who they can trust while relying on the community around them to help. They’ll explore Aaron’s life and relationships to find out the truth and uncover what really matters.


Utilizing a myriad of in-depth first person interviews that are interwoven into the game’s story, everything in We Are Chicago was created with intent and purpose.

We have worked tirelessly to understand and accurately portray the nuances of the characters’ relationships and struggles while bringing them to life in an interactive gameplay experience. – Culture Shock Games

Family16x9Available on February 9th on Steam