New Multiplayer Information on Call of Duty: Ghosts

The very first multiplayer details of Call of Duty: Ghosts was unveiled a week ago in an hour long presentation hosted by Xbox.

Since then, Activision has not been shy of releasing more information of the highly anticipated first person shooter.

A lot more details were made known at the Gamescom event, which took place a couple days ago in Germany.

Players will now be able to customize their soldiers more detailed than ever before, with over 20,000 options to choose from.

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Players can choose from the whopping 35 perks that are available in the game. Perks have been divided into seven different categories:

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Strike Packages/Killstreaks

Infinity Ward stuck to their usual three categories for killstreak rewards.

[ulist style=”6″]Assault: Based on consecutive enemy kills and resets on death. New streak rewards are:[/ulist]

– Sat Com – Use satellite communications to spy on enemy movement.
– Guard Dog – Your combat dog will warn you of enemies approaching, and attack when needed.
– Maniac – Seek help from a knife wielding juggernaut, where a high-speed melee attack is in place of guns.

[ulist style=”6″]Support: Enemy kills do not reset when the player dies. New streak rewards are as follows:[/ulist]

– Night Owl: Advanced drone that detects enemies, and offers protection from explosions.
– MAAWS: Laser guides will guide missiles from the free-fire rocket launcher.
– Helo Scout: Hop on a helicopter and provide aerial sniper support

[ulist style=”6″]Specialist: More consecutive kills will earn you more perks.[/ulist]


Multiplayer Modes

There will be seven new multiplayer game modes in Ghosts:

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Search and Rescue: Similar to Search and Destroy, however this time teammates can revive each other.
Cranked: Kills provide new abilities, but starts a 30 second countdown clock. Kill again before the timer runs out, or risk exploding.
Blitz: Breach the enemy goal line, while defending your own. A similar mode to Capture the Flag.


Call of Duty: Ghosts will launch on November 5th for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC. Next-gen versions will be available on the console launch date.

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