New LEGO DeLorean Back To The Future Set Looks Heavy

LEGO is doing a brand new Back To The Future set, and it looks way better than the last time it tried the model.

The official blog statement from LEGO had the following to say:

It’s an instantly recognizable and iconic car that’s amazingly brought to life in the new LEGO Back To The Future Time Machine set. This set is like a time machine itself. Just one look at it and you’ll travel back in time to the moment where you saw the iconic movie for the first time, met Marty, Doc, George and Biff and went on one of the greatest journeys in film history.”


Great Scott!

The set promises to be an insane amount of fun, with the ability to be three different time machines. There’s the original 1985 time machine, the car from Back To The Future 2 and the car from Back To The Future 3. Sadly no news on whether or not the Delorean can become a train, though.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve had a LEGO DeLorean. The last time LEGO tried it wasn’t massively well received though, due to people believing it looked nothing like the iconic vehicle. Judging from the images for this one, we’re actually getting something that remotely resembles Doc’s time machine.

Are you excited for this? I certainly am, since Back To The Future is one of my favourite film franchises of all time. Let us know across our social channels.



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Featured Image Credit: LEGO