New Dragon Ball Z Game Coming PlayStation 4

A brand new Dragon Ball Z related video game is coming to the PlayStation 4. Find out what information has been released on the project right now!

Fans of the Dragon Ball Z anime and manga may be interested in knowing that yet another Dragon Ball Z related video game is hitting development.

The news broke from the July issue of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine in which states that Bandai Namco Games are in the works for a new Dragon Ball Z related video game project. The game is said to feature Akira Toriyama’s characters and feature in a near future city with use of a time machine and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.


This Dragon Ball Z video game project will be featured on the PlayStation 4 which will make the first Dragon Ball related project to be developed for the current generation console. Also, the game will be available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with no word if the Xbox One will be seeing a version of the game.

Upon further news, we will keep you posted right here on PSG!