11 year old kid used Dragon Ball Z to survive near fatal bee attack

An 11 year old boy named Andrew Kunz survived a horrific bee attack by channeling Vegeta. Andrew was finally admitted to intensive care after being stung by 400 bees. Gila Valley Central reported that Andrew and a couple of his friends were shooting BB guns at an old car. They  had no idea that the car … Read more

You Can Use Dragon Ball Z Scouters In Fallout 4 With This Mod

You can now wear a Dragon Ball Z Scouter in Fallout 4. This awesome new mod by Ruddy88 allows you wear the scouter which has some special abilities along with its cool looks. Some of its features are slow-motion, night vision and a targeting HUD. You also have the option to choose from a variety of different colors according … Read more

New Screenshots Surface of Upcoming Dragon Ball Z Game

Additional screenshots have been released of the upcoming Dragon Ball Z video game from Namco Bandai Games. Still with the lack of details, we get a bit more glimpses of what the video game will entail when released. The screenshots shows off more of the Dragon Ball Z characters. For instance, SSJ3 Goku is found … Read more

New Dragon Ball Z Game Coming PlayStation 4

A brand new Dragon Ball Z related video game is coming to the PlayStation 4. Find out what information has been released on the project right now! Fans of the Dragon Ball Z anime and manga may be interested in knowing that yet another Dragon Ball Z related video game is hitting development. The news … Read more