This new console Combines PS4 and Xbox One

Prior to the launch of the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, console gamers had to choose between Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. But, have you ever imagined both of these console combined into a one single console?

Popular console modifier Edward Zarick, who is commonly known as Edsjunk, has done exactly the same. He was successful in containing both the consoles in a single case with one internal power supply and one HDMI connection which switches between both the consoles.

It’s actually impressive the way Zarick managed to save the space without any heating problem. The system switching is also done very nicely with a single button. This mod can be very useful and space saving for the people who uses both the consoles.

YouTube video

Previously Zarick made the laptop versions of PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, which were intended for selling. He sold the PlayBook Slim for a hefty amount of $1495 along with a shipping charge of $150.

However, Zarick hasn’t planned to sell this console mod yet, but there will be a lot of people waiting for it for sure.