Netflix’s New ‘Terrifying’ TV Series Has Left Viewers ‘Unable To Sleep’

Netflix has absolutely killed it this year with their new releases, and with the New Year rolling in 2019 is only going to get bigger and better for the streaming giant.

What with the introduction of Birdbox, Black Mirror’s interactive episode, The Haunting Of Hill House and many more, it appears that those lovely folk over at Netflix just weren’t happy with the offerings they’d given you this year, and thought that before the bell chimed midnight on the 31st, they’d drop a seriously creepy yet interesting new series on your laps to enjoy – and viewers have been commenting on just how frightening it actually is.

You may have noticed on your Netflix dashboard, there is a new show called YOU with the guy who is known for playing Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl (Penn Badgley).  Well, it’s actually a pretty damn horrific programme, when you think about the message that it actually sends, and fans have been rushing to social media to reveal how frightened they’ve become of Penn’s character, Joe.

I watched all 10 episodes as soon as it landed on Netflix, and I can say that I 100% concur that it is a pretty scary watch – but only because it could so easily happen with anyone you’re talking too and you wouldn’t even realise. If your friends do start to go missing around you, and the person you’re seeing takes you into what looks like a glass cage of books and stuff then I’d suggest maybe vetting them a little bit more.