Jack Black’s Gaming Channel Hit 1 Million Subs In A Week

Jack Black is a name the vast majority know for his acting ability. Fewer will know him from the iconic game ‘Brutal Legend’. However, Black has moved more heavily into gaming with the launch of his own gaming channel which he’s currently doing from his £399 gaming chair.

However, he’s exceeded all expectations with an incredible one million subs in a week.

Credit: YouTube

Black uploaded his first video just before Christmas to his channel JablinskiGames, which claims to be about “games, food, and life.”

As you can see from his video, his channel is not exactly going to be serious…

YouTube video

In the video he says ‘it is going to be bigger than Ninja and it is going to be bigger than PewDiePie.’

The one million subs may be down to the fact that his video was posted onto Reddit and it blew up on there.

Jack took to YouTube to share the great news to his followers in the form of a video.

He boasted about hitting 1 billion subscribers and how he’s already beaten PewDiePie and T-Series, before realising he’s in fact only at 1 million.

Much like his first video, this new upload has already done incredibly well. In just two days, it’s had more than 5 million views and 462,000 likes to around 7,000 dislikes.