Netflix Warns Viewers Not To Watch The Ted Bundy Documentary Alone

The case of Ted Bundy is one of the most grizzly yet fascinating of all time for a whole host of different reasons.

That’s exactly why Netflix’s newest true crime documentary Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, has become one of the most anticipated true crime documentaries of all time.

The documentary’s release date coincides with the 30th anniversary of Bundy’s execution and features hours of unheard audio from the killer, who confessed to the brutal murders of 36 women and young girls during the 70s.

Produced by Emmy winning Joe Berlinger, the doc will also focus on the killings, the strange idolisation of Bundy by a number of women, his in-court marriage to Carol Ann Boone and the media frenzy that surrounded his trials.

Taking all this into account, the whole thing is unlikely to be a light watch, leading Netflix to warn anyone settling down for it to not do so alone.

Speaking to Refinery29director Joe Berlinger explained: “The Netflix series is a cataloguing and deep dive into the cradle to grave of Ted Bundy, really dissecting his crimes and methodologies.

“He taps into our most primal fear: That you don’t know, and can’t trust, the person sleeping next to you. People want to think those who do evil are easily identifiable. Bundy tells us that those who do evil are those who often people we know and trust the most.”
Featured image credit: Netflix