Netflix Has a Trailer of the Upcoming ‘Luke Cage’ Series

Here’s a good example of brand synergy. Thousands of Netflix subscribers are likely spending this weekend binge-watching the second season of Daredevil. Those subscribers got an extra treat after the season finale: a teaser of Luke Cage, the next Marvel series.

The sneak peek is short, but it should whet appetites. Luke Cage walks into a boxing gym where gunmen await him. The exasperated superhero simply says, “I guess you guys haven’t heard about me.”

They haven’t. None of the bullets have any effect on Cage, and one dude gets thrown through a window before Nas’s “Made You Look” plays over the series’ logo.

The teaser also reveals Luke Cage‘s release date: Sept. 30. If you’re not a Daredevil fan or you simply don’t have Netflix, give the trailer a look below.