Netflix Reveal First look at Henry Cavill as Geralt in Upcoming Witcher Series

Netflix’s The Witcher series has already had some controversies surrounding it and the series hasn’t even been made yet never mind published. The project is still in very early development with characters still being cast so we won’t be seeing it for at least a year yet (I would have thought).

However that doesn’t stop Netflix teasing us with first looks at Henry Cavill as the main character, Geralt. There isn’t too much to the 23 second clip other than Cavill walking up to the camera and then taking a drink from a hip flask. Take a look for yourself:

Ciri and Yennifer have also recently been cast. Both of these characters are relatively young actors and therefore not so well known in the Hollywood world. Freya Allan, known for The War of the Worlds and Bluebird has officially been cast in the role of Ciri, while Anya Chalotra, of Wanderlust and The ABC Murders fame will be taking the role of Yennefer [via Hollywood Reporter].

In other Netflix/The Witcher news, Henry Cavill recently told IGN that he’d love to take on the role of Geralt, saying: “The books are amazing.

“The books are really, really good… The books I started reading, and they are well worth a read.”

He also expressed his passion for The Witcher 3, admitting: “I just replayed all the way through. Love that game. Really good game.”

Seems like a good choice to me!

The Witcher is one of the most beloved fantasy game (and book) series of all time, and fans all over the globe are desperately praying that Netflix does Geralt the justice he deserves when the games come to the small screen.

The two leaked scenes include Geralt and Yennefer exchanging some flirty banter, and Yennefer and “King.”

You can read the scenes in full right here, but here’s a snippet to make your life easier:

“Yennefer: Seriously consider your scars quite the conversation piece. This one I got from a feisty young basilisk. That one from the fangs of a bruxa. And this one I gave myself just to fill in the unmarred space in my pectoral region. Thought I should even it out a bit, you know?

“Geralt: That one is from you, you bit me.

“Yennefer: I know… Damn. It is tight.

“Geralt: It doesn’t matter, I’m not feeling well at all.

“Yennefer: Can you even get sick?

“Geralt: Witchers get colds, same as you.

“Yennefer: You really don’t want to go, do you?

“Geralt: I’m not meant for balls.”

Are you excited for the Netflix version of The Witcher?