Naughty Dog teased The Last of Us 2 in September and no one noticed

Fans have discovered that Naughty Dog teased The Last Of Us 2 all the way back in September via an official poster.

They released the poster on the annual “Outbreak Day”, which is celebrated on September 26th.

The artwork was created by the famous designer Mondo.


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It has now been realized that Mondo’s poster design focused more towards The Last of Us 2 than the original.

last of us 2

Naughty Dog also posted official artwork on their Facebook page, showing a grown up Ellie, and her tattoo in full detail.


They revealed the tattoo design so cosplay fans could start to incorporate it.

last of us tattoo

You can also see Ellie’s Tattoo in the Last Of Us 2 Trailer

last of us grown up ellie

P.S. We finally know why Ellie got a tattoo in The Last of Us 2