NASA: PS8 will be self aware

Assuming the future of gaming reaches up to the level of consoles like PS8, NASA scientist Dr. Rich Terrile is of the opinion that they will be of so advanced tech that they will possess some particular consciousness of their own.

Dr. Terrile expressed this opinion in an episode of SyFy’s Joe Rogan Questions Everything. In his words, the erstwhile PlayStation 8 will contain “conscious elements”.

Discussing the possibility that there could be a simulation like that was shown in the movie, The Matrix, Dr. Terrile said, “So there’s this whole concept that we can simulate everything in the world in a computer. Right now, computers are doubling in their capacity about every 13 months. We’re working very hard to make conscious elements in a computer; eventually we’ll be able to do it with our PlayStations.”

“Four generations from this [the PS3], PlayStation 8 will be able to generate thousands of digital people — an entire city of them.”

We are looking at a timeline of around 2050 for such tech, assuming a PlayStation comes out every 10 years.

Check out the video below which shows the aforementioned interview and also some interesting stuff like some amazing motion capture creations. View it all in the video below.

YouTube video

The future knows no bounds, does it? What do you think?