More than 1,000 people worked on GTA V

GTA V has being one of the most successful titles in video game history. Toping  800 million worldwide in its first  24 hours in launch-day sales and achieved $1 billion during its first three days. Making it the highest grossing  title in the history of  Grand Theft Auto series

Speaking  with Rockstar North studio president Leslie Benzies, confirmed that over 1,000 staff members  have worked on GTA V.

“It’s probably more, much more. It takes 1,000 people to make a game, that’s a requirement. And that’s because of the size of the thing, we are modelling at such a minute detail. Once upon a time the car models have four moving parts. Now there are 15 alone in a car’s retractable roof. The detail is ten, twenty times greater than GTA IV, so it takes ten, twenty times more people.”

GTA V launched September 17th worldwide  for the PS3.