More Men Want PS4 Than Xbox One

In this year’s survey from AskMen, they found out what games and hardware interested men the most.

When asked to choose between the PS4 and Xbox One, the results were pretty interesting. 39% said they would purchase the PS4, 12% said they would purchase the Xbox One, and the rest of the 46% said they would not want to buy either of the consoles.

After E3 last month, IGN created a poll that received over 300,000 votes asking their fans which console was better in four different categories: Best Conference, Best Controller, Best Name, and Overall Choice. Sony won every single category, and was crowned IGN People’s Choice Winner.

Not only did AskMen survey on games, but they also collected information on what technology men preferred. If money was not involved 42% of the men would want a high-end TV, 33% would want a tricked out MacBook Pro, while the rest would want a better phone or upgraded tablet.

Surveys are not always the most accurate sources of information, but they do give us an idea of what’s being portrayed. What do you believe that men want the most? Comment below.

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