Microsoft shares bad news regarding Project Scorpio’s pricing

Microsoft took down the curtains on the specifications of Project Scropio earlier today and it certainly packs a punch.

However, that punch won’t come cheap as the company made it clear today.

If you were expecting to buy the console for a similar price point to the Xbox One, PS4 or even the PS4 Pro for that matter, now would be a good time to drop that chain of thought.

Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Scorpio will only be for ‘premium gamers’ who wants nothing but the “best console gaming experience”.

When we see consumers tell us they want ‘the latest technology, the latest experience, the best experience more frequently’ to our traditional console business that doesn’t really align with that, you have to pause, you have to take some pretty big risks,” Ybarra said. “We’re taking that big risk to release something we know consumers want.”

Digital Foundry, who broke the story, confirmed that it’s going to cost more than the PS4 Pro. They are predicting a price point of $499 for Project Scorpio, but some rumors suggests it might even be $599, which is ridiculously expensive for a home console.

Whatever be the case, the statement by Microsoft all but confirms that the Project Scorpio’s not going to come cheap. Expect to pay at least $499 or above for the device.