Gamers Falsely Accused of Hacking Prove Their Innocence Masterfully

Using cheats, hacks and bots is a technical tactic that plagues the world of video games. Many honest players are constantly on high alert, being ready to spot any suspicious signals that might indicate cheating. But sometimes things are not what they appear to be and there are quite a few cases where gamers have been falsely accused of cheating, simply because their gameplay was too good. It is the ultimate compliment indeed, to be so skilled, you get accused of hacking.

Renato – Battlefield

Recently, a veteran Battlefield 1 player contacted us because he was banned from Battlefield 1 on the PC. He was accused of cheating, but promised us that he wasn’t cheating, and is just a really good player. There has been some controversy lately about skilled players being incorrectly banned by EA’s FairFight technology.

Renato has been playing Battlefield for 14+ years, however, his streak ended abruptly, on last Friday, when he attempted to log onto a server to play a game of Team Deathmatch when he received this message:

And here’s what the formal email from EA looks like when you get kicked:

We want to notify you that we found your Battlefield 1 account to be in violation of our Terms of Service. As a result, we have temporarily blocked your online gameplay access for one week (168 hours).

You may violate the Terms of Service, as determined by EA in its sole discretion, if you:

• Use any game hacking/altering/cheating software or tools
• Use and communicate exploits and/or cheats

Some examples we’ve seen in Battlefield 1 include abusing game features to stack on scores (stat padding), aimbots, wallhacks, or similar cheats to gain an unfair advantage over others.

Our penalty system is cumulative—as the number of violations increase, so does the severity of the consequence. If you continue to violate our Terms of Service, you risk having your account permanently closed.

Geguri – Overwatch

A 17-year old Korean player that goes by the Twitter handle Geguri was wrongfully accused of cheating in Overwatch during a competitive match at the Nexus Cup. After masterfully playing with the hero Zarya and managing to score an 80% win rate, this Korean girl had a dominant performance at the Nexus Cup, her opponents feeling intimidated and condemning her of illegal hacking.

To prove her real worth, Geguri took to the stage, some days after the competition, and gave everyone an hour long representation of her talent, showing that gaming is not only a boys’ world.

She was officially cleared of cheating by Overwatch developers a week after the tournament.

Philip “Clever” Lough – Rainbow Six Siege

 Philip “Clever” Lough, a pro player of Rainbow Six Siege has been in the attention of the public eye for allegedly using a kind of “ESP” or “wall-hacking” cheat that lets the player see opponents through walls.

From the YouTube videos made on this subject, it seems Clever has a second monitor somewhere to his right that he is checking from time to time. Anyway, there are no solid arguments that can prove he was definitely cheating, the video compilations available being considered out of context. After saying that he feels totally innocent, Clever hasn’t played any other matches since the accusatory videos started to surface.

YouTube video

Mystic – Counter Strike: GO

Credit: Valve

Kristoffer “Mystic” Michelsen is a CS GO player not very popular outside of the Norwegian scene but after he was recruited by LGB eSports to fill the vacant spot left by one of their star players, a rumor about cheating surfaced online.

It seems that a Steam account tied to Mystic appeared to have a recent CS:GO VAC ban, thing that raised quite a lot of suspicion towards the legitimacy of this new player. LGB in collaboration with Valve lead an investigation into the subject and found that the rumors didn’t match their findings and therefore are entirely false.

Willy Mammoth – Battlefield 1

YouTube video

After releasing an absolutely unbelievable sniping compilation, Willy Mammoth was accused of cheating by many players in the Battlefield community. Totally jealous of the Prehistoric Cocksman’s extraordinary skill and thick trunk, social media was rife with accusations of hacking, specifically that he was using some form of Aim Bot. They even went as far as to accuse Willy of taking performance enhancing drugs, which he actually admitted to in his video. His flawlessly timed sniping is a thing of perfection and it’s no wonder that many other players felt that it’s impossible to be that good and not use any kind of tricks.