Microsoft is sending live Scorpions inside Lollipops to videogame media

Marketing gone too far? That definitely seems to be the case with Microsoft as reports are coming in from the French gaming media that they are being sent packages containing Lollipops with live Scorpions inside from Microsoft.

The only other thing it contains is a black playcard that has the words “E3 2017” written on it.

I mean, props to Microsoft for doing this, after all its upcoming console is codenamed Project Scorpio, but if I received a Lolly with a scorpion inside, I’ll legit freak out.

Microsoft should take down their marketing spirits a couple of notches down.

Microsoft is expected to reveal the actual name and price for Project Scorpio and several new projects during its E3 press conference early next week.

We wonder if these Scorpions actually had any venom or else most of these journos won’t be able to make it alive.