Microsoft is getting worried about PS4

Sony is set to reveal The PS4 on February 20th, not only that, but it seem Microsoft is getting worried. Microsoft Exec claimed: “Majority Of UK Consumers Won’t Know” About PS4 Reveal Next Week, not only that, but they are now bashing about the PS3 not being a good entertainment as good as the Xbox 360.

On a report from PSL, Yusuf, senior vice president of Microsoft’s claimed the PlayStation 3 “isn’t as good of an entertainment console,”   “everybody knows.”He also claimed the 360 “from a gaming console to an entertainment console”  where he revealed 18 billion hours of entertainment have been consumed on Xbox, much of which is from Netflix. but He forgot  the PS3 has being said to be the  most popular device for Netflix Streaming.

What do you think about  Microsoft message, is this the right thing to do?

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