Mario Kart Fans Hate New Coconut Mall For This One Reason

Mario Kart 8 players have been treated to more courses recently, but one in particular, Coconut Mall, is dividing fans.

The new version of Coconut Mall was added in the new Booster Course DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The DLC brings back classic courses, including the fan-favourite Mario Kart Wii track.

But some changes have been made to the track, and some fans aren’t happy.

Credit: Nintendo

Coconut Mall Changes

One tweet highlighted the changes made to the escalators on the course. Originally, they were standard escalators like you’d find in an actual mall. In the new version, the escalators have been replaced by racetrack-style ramps with obvious signs.

In addition, changes were made to the outside portion of the course too. Before, Miis from your console would be driving cars back and forth which players would have to dodge. They’ve been replaced by static cars with Shy Guys in them.

These might seem like minor changes, but they definitely alter the character of the course a lot. Coconut Mall is a pretty iconic track, and one of many people’s favourites.

However, it’s still good to see the track back in Mario Kart 8. Other returning tracks include Sky Garden, Shroom Ridge, Choco Mountain, Toad Circuit, Paris Promenade, Tokyo Blur and Ninja Hideaway. Another 40 tracks are still coming too, and many may have been leaked thanks to an image showing pictures of the tracks.

What do you think of the new Mario Kart tracks? Let us know on social media.


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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo