No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Details Revealed

Hello Games revealed No Man’s Sky during this year’s E3. The game was massive, giving gamers a wide range of space to explore and chart during their voyage. Though you won’t be totally alone as we finally get some details in terms of multiplayer. You won’t easily discover other players but they are present.

Hello Games founder, Sean Murray, recently discussed the multiplayer aspect with GameSpot. Players will start off  far apart from one another making things a bit hard to meet. That’s the type of game, Hello Games, had in mind. You shouldn’t rely on other players but you can see them while exploring.

That’s not to say you can interact with players as well. If you want to meet on some planet that is near both of you, we’ll you can do that. What you can do with other players though is still unknown. Hello Games won’t discuss that matter quite yet but Sean did mention that players will be able to team up so we’re willing to bet you can also take on players.


No Man’s Sky will be releasing on PlayStation 4 though there is no date set for release.