Mandatory PS4 Firmware Update V1.61 Available Now

Sony has just announced that there is a new firmware update available for download and install right now for the PlayStation 4. The update is known as V1.61 and while it doesn’t add anything new to the PlayStation 4, it does make the console a bit more stable. However, it still seems that some PS4 owners are still having a few troubles with the system.

PS4 update Twitter

Since the launch of the PlayStation 4, there were a small number of units that seemed to be defective. With the update, Sony is hoping to make the PlayStation 4 a bit more stable. Though with the update available now for download, already some users are still experiencing problems with the console.

One user found that since the V1.60 update, the PlayStation 4 was having connection issues making any online multiplayer experience dreadful. We’re unsure of how many users are reporting the same problem. Sony has yet to make any statement on how to potentially fix the issue though we’re sure they are looking into the matter. Have you personally experienced any problems with the PlayStation 4 since it’s launch?