Mandatory PS4 Firmware Update V1.61 Available Now

Sony has just announced that there is a new firmware update available for download and install right now for the PlayStation 4. The update is known as V1.61 and while it doesn’t add anything new to the PlayStation 4, it does make the console a bit more stable. However, it still seems that some PS4 … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Story Details

News recently broke that the Kingdom Hearts X[Chi] will play a role in the story of Kingdom Hearts 3. Now the story for the Kingdom Hearts series hasn’t been all that well to keep up with in the first place. The general consensus is that most players are having trouble understanding the overall story with … Read more

Banana Routers: In Stores Now

If you’ve ever played Xbox Live or Playstation Online you know the problems gamer’s have to deal with as far as connection issues go. It’s the most annoying thing anyone could ever experience when you’re trying to play a game and the host of the game has a horrible connection. More recently, developers have been … Read more