Man drops his Nintendo Switch on hard concrete 11 times for this reason

If you are expecting your Nintendo Switch to arrive, you might be planning how you’re going to spend the next couple of weeks playing it. In case you have already received your piece, you might have opened the package and right away popped in The Legend of Zelda.

Can you even imagine dropping your brand new console on concrete willfully? I am sure you can’t, but one guy has done exactly the same, that too for eleven times.

Yes, you read it right, eleven times. YouTuber Brandon Baldwin (GizmoSlip) dropped a brand new Nintendo Switch controller eleven times in a span of nine minutes for testing the durability of the device.


Thanks to Brandon. now we know that Nintendo Switch can survive nearly 11 drops from about five feet. That was obviously the first thing everyone who bought the console was going to do.

We know it’s hard to watch, but here’s the video:

YouTube video