Lords of the Fallen – new screenshots out

City Interactive Games have released new screenshots of their latest action RPG ‘Lords of the Fallen’. Executive Producer Tomasz Gop has called this challenging game as a mixture of Borderlands and Dark Souls.

During an interview with Eurogamer, Gop said the following.

“It’s a challenging game, action RPG, which means a lot of advanced combat. When you walk through a location, and you have to fight 10 enemies, that takes around an hour.”

Also in another interview at Gamescom last year, Gop mentioned,

“You can imagine Lords of the Fallen as a game that has all the layers, all the complexity, all the mechanics, all the elements of very advanced tactical combat, but it’s not being mindlessly punishing at the same time.”

Lords of the Fallen will arrive on PlayStation 4 and other platforms in 2014. We’ll keep you updated with more info on it once we hear the latest. For now have a look at these detailed screenshots.

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