Lindsay Lohan suing Rockstar for GTA V?

In what can be termed as atrocious, a report by TMZ is stating that trobled Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan is consulting her lawyers to sue Rockstar Games for allegedly copying her likeness in the game.

According to the report, the lawyers are busy preparing a lawsuit demanding heavy compensation from the developer for copying Lindsay’s persona without prior written permission.

According to the report, Lindsay is miffed that the company copied her likeness in the portrayal of the cover girl of the game. However, many reports suggest that the model used is in fact Shelby Welinder.

The game also features a mission which has you tasked with taking a celebrity who looks like Lindsay in your bike and escaping the paparazzi.

The game also features another mission which requires you to go to a hotel which looks like the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood; a place where Lindsay not only frequents but had lived in for a duration of time.  The mission is about you taking photos of her having sex.

Although, these are instances which may or may not resemble her, we find it hard to believe that Rockstar will be willing to admit to using her likeness or cough up any kind of compensation.

What do you think?