Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII new gameplay video – ‘Lightning’ vs ‘Snow’

Square Enix has unveiled a brand new gameplay video of the final chapter of Final Fantasy series, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The video demonstrates beautiful visuals and combat system of the game via a fight between Lightning and Snow.

Not only this, the video also boosts a nostalgic costume of Lightning which was originally worn by her in the first game of the franchise.

Here is the gameplay video:

YouTube video

Square Enix additionally posted an unboxing video of the Collector’s Edition of the game:

YouTube video

North America and Europe preorders will get to unlock Cloud’s uniform and buster sword as items for Lightening.  Also Lightning will receive a Yuna costume from Final Fantasy X along with samurai costumes, also a Miqo’te costume from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with shields and motifs from the three in-game city-states: Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul’dah.

Lightning Returns is out in Japan since last November. The game will launch in America on February 11, followed by Europe on Valentine’s Day for PlayStation 3 and other platforms.