Left 4 Dead 3 might be in development, leaked screenshot of Valve Employee’s Folder Suggest

Image: www.express.co.uk

We have been waiting for third installments of Valve games since a long time now. We anticipated Half Life 3 for a long period of time only to be left disappointed.

We have also come across a lot of rumors involving Left 4 Dead 3 in the past which turned out to be false. However, it seems like Left 4 Dead 3 is finally going to happen.



Recently a Valve fansite named ValveTime posted a leaked screenshot of a Valve employee’s development tutorial. Valve artist Tristan Reidford posted the screenshot on Destinations Workshop Tools, where a hint of the series’ next installment can be found. In the image (screenshot) above, you can see a folder named Left 4 Dead 3 in the top left corner, which could strongly imply that the game is under development.


The image, however was replaced by another one (shown above) which didn’t show the ‘left4dead3’ folder the very next day. We are not sure if the incident was an accident or purposeful, but the second image definitely looks like a photoshopped version of the first.

This suggests that a cover up attempt was made to hide the unintentional reveal of a upcoming Left 4 Dead game. This is sure to make fans go into a frenzy if an official announcement is made.

Valve is yet to respond to comments and inquiries asking them about this apparent leak and if it holds any truth to it. If they reply, we’ll be sure to update this article.