Leaked Overwatch 2 Screenshots Reveal New ‘Unranked’ Mode

While Overwatch 2 was previously accidently leaked by a streamer over on Twitch, it appears that further images have surfaced, revealing new modes, a title screen and a hero gallery.

The leaked Imgur set shows an Unranked mode, revealing that the mode has taken the place of what was previously Quick Play. The Alpha doesn’t have Competitive, Arcade, Custom Games or Experimental available to play, but it does list a hero gallery. It’ll show off some of the new hero reworks, such as Doomfist being a Tank and Sombra having a brand new redesign.

People are discussing the credibility of the leak online however, due to the fact that it doesn’t use the redesigns of certain characters on the hero select screen. Redditors feel that if it was legit, they’d have the redesigns of the characters in place, while others believe that since this is only a Alpha build that not everything will be in place as of yet.


Overwatch 2 comes during a period for Activision-Blizzard following a series of sexual harassment claims from ex-employees. While there’s been promises of systematic changes inside Activision-Blizzard, it remains to be seen if these do absolutely anything for the employees.

What do you think about this? Are you excited for Overwatch 2 or do you think that it has to do a lot more to impress you? Do you think it’s even real? Let us know on our social channels.


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