Leaked Information on Call of Duty: Ghosts Trial Weekend and Mini-DLC

New Call of Duty: Ghosts information has recently emerged. The mini-DLC has been titled the “Legend Pack”. In it, beloved characters from the past will be unveiled for the online multiplayer character customization.

There has also been word of a “Team Leader Digital Pack”, another mini-DLC with an in-game weapon called ‘The Ripper’. It will be available to those who have signed up for the season pass during at a certain time (still unknown).

call of duty characters

For those who have not bought the game yet, Activision is hosting a Call of Duty: Ghosts trial beginning on March 7th. The trial weekend is like a demo, where users will get to try the multiplayer for free. They will get access to two modes: Team Deathmatch and Domination on three maps: Strikezone, Warhawk, and Prison Break. The trial will only last a couple days, and players can buy the digital version at a reduced price.

This information is a leak, so nothing is really guaranteed but many times have been found to be accurate before. This is something that the Call of Duty developers would do, and we are still waiting on a confirmation from Activision.

Keep checking back on all things Call of Duty.