League of Legends’ Jinx Is Now In Fortnite

The popular League of Legends character Jinx is the latest character to arrive in the famous battle royale, Fortnite.

Jinx is the latest in a long line of crossovers with other video games. Fortnite has only just added characters from games like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. Now, League of Legends is making an appearance in its first ever crossover with another video game.

The crossover comes as a result of Riot’s huge push for Arcane, their new Netflix series. Arcane follows the story of Jinx and other LoL characters, and it comes out on November 6th after the League of Legends Worlds Finals.

YouTube video

Get Jinxed

Jinx is available to purchase now, and she comes with various other items related to the character. These include a Jinx spray, Dream Monkey Back Bling and even a song from the Arcane soundtrack.

Jinx herself is kitted out in her Arcane gear, which is slightly different from her look in League of Legends. She’s still recognisably Jinx though, and that’s what matters.

This isn’t the only game you’ll be able to see Jinx in either. A new PUBG Mobile crossover is coming soon, which looks like it’ll add Jinx and other LoL characters in-game.

And Riot is also adding their games to the Epic store. That means League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra are all available there.

Will you be playing as Jinx in Fortnite? Or maybe you’re excited for Arcane this weekend? Let us know on our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games