Best League Of Legends Name Checker – Track And Generate Names Too

Demand for a League of Legends name checker is nothing new, players can even check if a League name is available via the game client itself by going to Store > Account > Summoner Name Change and typing the name in. However, this doesn’t really help players track or come up with cool and rare names.

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Credit: Riot Games

Best League Name Checker

For those that don’t know, players can only change their summoner name once their account is created and not their overall account name. However, the summoner name will be the in-game name that everyone will see anyway, so no big deal there.

So what do players need in a good League name checker? We’ve broken down the features you’ll need alongside our recommended League name checker website, let’s get into it:

League of Legends Name Checker

This option allows users to search for any summoner name and find out when it’s available. If the name isn’t available now or soon, it should provide a list of alternatives to choose from. Including special characters from various regions for some added personality would be a nice advantage too.

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Credit: Riot Games

League Name Lists

Sick of searching for a new summoner name? Any decent League of Legends name checker should have a list of currently available or available soon names to choose from. Not only does this make everyone’s life easier, but it opens people’s preferences up to new ideas.

League Name Tracker

Organising your own tournament or need to keep an eye on team player summoner names? No worries, League name trackers allow users to enter Player IDs so they can track any name changes. This also comes in handy for when players have their eye on a summoner name that’s currently in use and are waiting for it to come up for grabs.

We’ve found that is a solid League of Legends name tracker and offers all the services it should do. Click here to try it out for yourself.


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