Kojima Prepares For Nightmares As He Takes Interest In Silent Hill Reboot

If you had the privilege of watching the Twitch Q&A session which Kojima himself attended to answer some of your questions then you got a sneak peek of what’s to come. Now if you didn’t attend the online event, no worries as we got your back. One of the interesting reveals from Kojima himself was that he’s taking interested in leading a development team in rebooting or making a Silent Hill title himself. This could be a praise or a curse, I guess it’s your decision on that one.

While answering plenty questions, one of the topics was asked on what series Kojima would like to reboot or develop a game for and without dropping a beat, Kojima is very interested in the Silent Hill franchise. There’s just one small element in his way, he’s scared of the series. Apparently, Kojima isn’t one for horror elements but even with his dislike of horror, he feels that a perfect Silent Hill title could come from his development team.

Now Silent Hill is a Konami owned title which happens to be Kojima’s current employer making this a step in for the Metal Gear Solid creator. There’s been reports of Konami taking interest in Kojima leading the development of a Silent Hill title and now that Kojima is talking about an interest of picking up the franchise, I have a feeling it’s going to happen.

For now, Kojima is preparing for the night terrors that will undoubtedly come from the development of the game. While he’s not announcing when or if he will officially work on the title, there’s certainly enough good indicators that he will be developing the game sometime in the near future. Once we have the latest, we’ll keep you posted right here on PSG!