Killzone: Shadow Fall new PS4 screenshots

Sony now  has just shared with us  9 brand new Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshots showing  different Helghast classes and motion capture was used to ensure every movement made in-game is bought to life.

The screens look amazing, the game launches alongside the PS4 worldwide and is shaping out to be a winner. You can view the screens down below.

killzone-shadow-fall-helghast-screen-4 killzone-shadow-fall-helghast-screen-3 killzone-shadow-fall-helghast-screen-2 killzone-shadow-fall-helghast-screen-1 Killzone-Shadow-Fall_2013_07-15-13_006 Killzone-Shadow-Fall_2013_07-15-13_005 Killzone-Shadow-Fall_2013_07-15-13_004 Killzone-Shadow-Fall_2013_07-15-13_003 Killzone-Shadow-Fall_2013_07-15-13_002