Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Defamation Trial To Air On TV

It is decided that the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will be broadcast on Court TV.

According to the channel, it will be providing people “unobstructed and unbiased view of the proceedings” starting April 11th. In a statement the Acting Head of Court TV had the following to say:

Court cases that are as high-profile as this one create a lot of noise, and it can be difficult for viewers to break through the distractions to have a clear picture of the facts, but that’s where we come in. Between the camera feed directly from the courtroom and our first-class lineup of talent, Court TV will be the true source of an unbiased, down-the-middle perspective of the trial as it unfolds”

Credit: Disney

The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case has been at the forefront of celebrity news for quite a while. It was alleged from Heard that Depp was abusive towards her before Depp provided evidence to the opposite effect. The case has been going on now since 2019, following an op-ed written by Heard discussing being a survivor of domestic abuse. The case will put to bed a whole litany of claims and rest one of the most public celebrity court cases in recent years.

Will you be watching the court case? Or will you just be reading up on it online? Let us know on Twitter.

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Featured Image Credit: Vanity Fair/The Times