It Took 6 Years for Someone to Beat Pokemon Ruby with a Magikarp

Although some Pokemon games have been out for decades now, dedicated fans of the series are still discovering new and creative ways to beat their favorite Pokemon game.

Six years ago, Japanese YouTuber, Lemon began a quest to beat Pokemon Ruby using only a shiny Magikarp. Earlier this month, Lemon finally beat the game using the Magikarp as the sole member of his battle team.

Image: YouTube

So you are probably asking yourself how? Lemon was able to conquer the Hoenn region by outlasting his opponents using nothing but a ton of Potions until their Pokemon ran out of PP and started injuring themselves with Struggle attacks. By the time Lemon defeated the region’s champ, Steven Stone his golden Magikarp had reached level 75.

Despite this enormous accomplishment, Lemon did technically have some assistance from other Pokemon on his journey. In total, Lemon’s team consisted of Mudkip, Zigzagoon, Pelipper, and an Abra to handle obstacles that required an HM. Regardless, Lemon is living proof that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Image: YouTube

You can check out Lemon’s final video from the playthrough below. Keep in mind, that the video has commentary, all spoke in Japanese.

YouTube video