Is CS:GO Going to Become Bigger Than Dota 2 in Esports? 

CS:GO has destroyed the number of active Dota 2’s players on Steam over the last four months on the Steam Charts. This has fans wondering – could this be the dawn of a new king of esports?

But why exactly has CS:GO stolen the crown from its MOBA cousin? 

CS:GO’s Operation Was a Huge Hit

Operation Shattered Web released in November last year, much to fans delight. This is a huge breath of fresh air for the game, which hadn’t seen a major content update in ages.

The drop of all the of new skin cases, maps, and challenges revived the game’s popularity with the casual gamers who had lost interest. 

CS:GO also has over 770,000 concurrent players – one of the highest concurrent player records on Steam.

A screenshot of CS:GO's Operation Shattered Web
Credit – Valve / Hidden Path Entertainment

Dota’s 7.23 Patch FLOPPED

Dota 2’s most recent patch was controversial, to say the least. The introduction of two new heroes and in-game item drops changed the balance of the game completely. This seems to have driven away even the most die-hard fans.

Checking out Dota 2’s reviews is just more proof that fans aren’t happy. The game got a HUGE spike in bad reviews after the patch was released – 11923 negative reviews in a single month. Ouch. 

This sounds like a game-ending defeat for Dota 2. But it’s important to remember it still has a huge fanbase. For the 11923 negative reviews, it still got 27,043 positive reviews in that same month.

A screenshot of Dota 2's reviews
Credit – Steam

FPS Titles Are Way More Popular Than MOBAs

Gone are the days where Steam’s Top 10 were all strategy and free-to-play games. Now, FPS’ reign supreme! At least four of the Top 10 could be considered shooters – CSGO, PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege and Destiny 2. You could even include Grand Theft Auto V, if you were feeling generous, to bring it up to 50%.

CS:GO is already leading the changes in the esports industry. Surpassing Dota 2 is just the next step up. Considering it’s popularity, we think Valve should take a look at their esports strategy and give CS:GO its very own International!

Featured Image Credit – ESL