Infamous: Second Son Receives Day One Patch Gives Hours of Free Additional Content

For at least six weeks, owners of the Infamous: Second Son video game will have something to do. Announced by Sucker Punch, a day one patch will add hours of free additional content and this includes content that will be played out for weeks to come. Known as the Paper Trail, this storyline will take players online for an in-game story arc.

There will be 19 new missions which will slowly be given out in a period of six weeks. The content will take 300mb update it will include some minor bug fixes, tweaks and even some other free content that we will list down below. As for the story arch, this will give players a chance to unlock the full story behind the D.U.P occupation. Nice to know that even after you beat the main campaign, there is even more free content coming down the pipeline.

Patch Update 1.01

  • Coles’s Legacy Content Pack – 4 story missions 1hr additional gameplay
  • inFAMOUS Paper Trail – 19 Story Missions 5hrs additional gameplay
  • Difficulty Balance – Tuned difficulty for Normal and Expert mode
  • Boss Fights – Boss fights have been added
  • Pedestrians and DUPs – New Tweaks added for pedestrians NPCs and traffic
  • Technical Improvements