How To Unlock The OTs 9 SMG In Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Reloaded brings yet another weapon to the expansive arsenal with the OTs 9 submachine gun. 

Arriving in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone simultaneously, the OTs 9 is described as having ‘impressive firepower’ at close range with tidy iron sights that provide good visibility. While it has a small magazine size, it makes up for that with it’s predictable recoil pattern.

Credit: Activision

With the weapon only just launching today, it remains to be seen how viable the weapon is when stacked against the rest of the roster. The Season 4 Reloaded update has brought huge changes to almost every weapon in the game, and those adjustments are changing the way Warzone will feel moving forward.

Here’s exactly how you can unlock the OTs 9 submachine gun at the start of Season 4 Reloaded.

How do you unlock the OTs 9?

There are two ways that you can unlock the new weapon at the beginning of this midseason update. First up, you can opt to purchase the weapon for real money in the ‘Inside Job’ bundle. In doing so, you’ll be given the ‘Undercover Agent’ blueprint for the OTs 9. 

Credit: Activision

There’s some other goodies included too. You’re given the ‘Hook & Sinker’ finishing move, the ‘Working Party’ emblem, a charm, battle pass tier skip and a few other items. It costs 1,200 COD Points, which equates to about £10.

If you’d rather keep your money, there’s an ingame challenge that you can complete to unlock the weapon. Here’s the challenge description:

‘Using SMGs, kill 2 or more Players rapidly in 15 different completed matches.’

You can complete the challenge in either Warzone or Cold War, though it should be much easier to do in the latter rather than the former. Throw yourself into a few matches of Domination or Team Deathmatch and the OTs 9 should be yours in no time.

Credit: Activision

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Featured Image Credit: Activision