Fallout 4 – How You Can Play The Game On A Terrible Old PC

Jealous how everyone is talking about Fallout 4 and posting screenshots and gameplay videos while you sit in your room lamenting the fact that you’re still stuck with your old PC due to budgets constraints? Don’t feel too bad, we’ve all experienced something similar at some point and can definitely feel your pain.

This is the reason why we’re going to talk about a certain mod in this article which will make sure you’ve a fighting chance of running the game even on the oldest of computers!


Iyzik’s Ultra-low graphics mod, as the name suggests, is the exact opposite of the mods which enhances the visuals of the game. It actually enables you to play it by lowering its requirements and you might be able to run it even on previously not supported hardware setups.

This ultra-low graphics mod pushes the game’s graphic settings beyond its lowest settings. Details such as grasses, shadows etc. are affected to an extent with the use of this patch but the difference is not a striking one. The mod also drops the frame per second by around 5.


The video below shows the mod and the procedures to install it. Thanks to ZiggyD Gaming.

YouTube video

And this one by TSM Channel shows actual mod in action –

YouTube video

This is what Iyzik had to say about the mod,

“The majority of Fallout 4’s graphics settings appear to be ‘hardcoded’, i.e. we can’t change them. For example grass cannot be fully disabled, even if every reference that should disable them is set to disable. bAllowDrawGrass=0, bAllowCreateGrass=0…etc. None of it does anything. Textures also cannot be ‘skipped’ like they can in Skyrim. I’m not sure if that’s because mipmaps that low were just never generated for Fallout 4, or because its hardcoded to not do that.”

There you go, even if you own un-supported hardware, this mod might make playing Fallout 4 on your old PC a reality. If it does, don’t forget to share this article so others like you can also find some respite and can join you in your Wasteland exploring adventures!