How To Double Space In Word

Often you might need to double space your work in Word. Typing naturally, humans do not normally double space in between each line.

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Thankfully, Microsoft word makes it really easy to double space all or some of the text, after you have written it all up. If your teacher or boss wants things double spaced, you won’t have to completely re-do your entire typing style! 


How To Double Space In Word

How To Double Space In Word
Credit: Microsoft
  • Step 1: Navigate to the toolbar on Word and select Design.
  • Step 2: Then select Paragraph Spacing, and choose Double from the build-in section of the drop-down menu.

There are a few different options, including double spacing, relaxed spacing, tight spacing, compact spacing (which is even more than tight) and just no paragraph spacing.

You can play around with these different spacing options here if you’d like, and find the best one for your day to day document creation when it’s not needed to double space.

That’s it. If you want to double space only part of the document, you can select the paragraphs you want to change, before going into the Home button, then Line and Paragraph Spacing, then select 2.0. This will only double space the highlighted section of the document if needed. You should be a double spacing pro now.


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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft