Horizon Forbidden West Devs Hiring For A Multiplayer project

Horizon Forbidden West may be some times away, but Guerrilla Games has started hiring for a multiplayer project.

Guerrilla Games fans will be counting down the days till Horizon Forbidden West. The highly-anticipated sequel was scheduled to launch in 2021, but this was pushed back to 2022. Despite Forbidden West’s launch still months away, Guerrilla is already looking ahead to its next project.

A recent job posting hinted that it is hiring for a multiplayer project. This would see the studio’s first return to multiplayer since 2013.

Credit: Guerilla Games


Guerrilla is known for the Horizon series, but that hasn’t always been the case. Previously Guerrilla developed the Killzone series, which had a huge focus on multiplayer. The studio’s last Killzone outing was with Killzone Shadowfall, which launched alongside the PS4.

Spotted by ResetEra, Guerrilla posted a job for a Senior Social Systems Designer. One of the tasks is to find “creative ways players can connect with other in-game”. This doesn’t necessarily scream multiplayer, as games like Death Stranding feature social features in a single player game. However, there is a focus on community aspects and “player-to-player” relationships. This likely means some kind of interaction will occur between players.

Credit: PlayStation

A second job posting seems to back up the online aspect. The Senior Narrative Systems Designer should bring their knowledge of building narratives for online games. But there is still a large focus on world-building and in-game dialogue. Could we see a Horizon-set online game? The Horizon world is certainly ripe for an online setting with robo-dinos and vibrant vistas.


With its focus on world-building, I reckon we would be more likely to see a Horizon online game over anything similar to Killzone.

What kind of online game would you like Guerrilla Games to make? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Guerilla Games