The Highly-Anticipated Gifting Is Coming Soon To Fortnite

Fortnite fans have been asking for the ability to gift their friends in-game items and money since pretty much the game began, and it looks like it might finally be happening.

The game is pretty focused on uniting its community, and being able to swap and share gifts between players definitely has a lot of possibility. If it’s done right!

A Twitter user and Fortnite fan by the name of The1Jaren recently tweeting the following captured footage unearthed from the game files.

Presumably, gifting could also extend to things like emotes, skins, and maybe even purchasable things such as the Battle Pass. At least, that’s what people are hoping for.

In it, you can clearly see the option to “Purchase” or “Buy As A Gift,” something which has yet to be seen in-game.

The accompanying countdown in the following might just be counting down to when the feature goes live in the game, meaning it could be available by next week.

Or maybe it’s just a placeholder for the time being.

If the leak is real – which is probably is if we know Fortnite data miners – then it looks like you’ll be able to gift five items a day.

There are some concerns about glitching or people taking advantage of the system, but fingers crossed Epic Games will get it right straight off the bat…

Are you excited for this upcoming update, or are you over the Fortnite hype?