You Can Now Get Gold And Diamond Encrusted PlayStation Controllers

Are you tired of your boring old DualShock 4? Are you looking for something a little more…bold?

If you have a spare $14k left in your monthly gaming budget then you might want to consider these very…um…blingy PlayStation 4 custom controllers from Brikk.

Ranging in price from $8.5k-$14k depending on your specs, these 24 carat gold-plated and diamond-encrusted controllers can be built to pretty much any standard you like, if you’re a fan of the style of course…

The website states: “The LUX DualShock 4 is a handcrafted premium version of the Sony DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4. Coated in 24k yellow gold and safeguarded by a triple layer of DLC protective clear veneer, it is exquisitely practical, designed for the gamer with impeccable taste…

“The deluxe version features nine solid 18k gold buttons: the ‘PlayStation’ button, the four directional buttons and the triangle, circle, x, and square buttons. These buttons are studded with genuine conflict free diamonds of f/g color and clarity totaling 2.20 carats, making any controller resplendent.”

If gold isn’t your thing then you can also request platinum, rose gold, black rhodium or rainbow titanium, and the button material can also be changed to meet your needs, essentially giving you endless options – if you have endless cash, of course.

As for your choice of stones, you don’t have to stick with diamonds. You can also go for other options which include “higher grade diamonds or alternative gems including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and many other precious stones.”

The customisation doesn’t stop on the surface though, as any “perspicacious individuals” can alter their stick heights, add trigger stops, include board mods like disabling vibration, add faster rapid fire, and “multiple custom game specific configurations.”

Described as “the ultimate companion for all discerning gamers,” you can check out these bad boys in all their glory right here.

Would these be on your Christmas list? Maybe if you win the lottery…