Hideo Kojima Is Selling Those Weird Glasses From Death Stranding

In a completely on brand move, Hideo Kojima is selling real life versions of those totally ridiculous glasses from Death Stranding.

The video game auter is known for his eccentricity, and that extends beyond the video game worlds he creates. Now, Kojima is partnering with French eyewear designer Jean-François Rey to create his own line of spectacles. In true Kojima fashion, they all look a bit mental.

There are four models of specs coming in the line up, two of which will be sold exclusively as a bundle. The website describes them all as ‘surprising’, which I think is a polite way of saying ‘you will never want to wear these in public, ever’. Let’s take a look at each of the models.

It’s called fashion, look it up

First up is the HKxJF01. At first glance, it’s a relatively simple design with rounded lenses, thick arms and a chunky nose bridge. The quirkiness arrives with the sunglasses filters that reside on a funky hinge. By default, the sunglasses lie on the outside of the spectacle arms, shielding your temple from god rays. The pivoting lenses can be placed in front of your eyes to serve the function they’re actually intended for. However, a promotional video shows how they can be left halfway between open and closed, like some sort of horse blinders but for humans. I’m sure these will look very trendy on a red carpet, but they’d look ridiculous anywhere else.

Credit: Jean-Francois Rey

Next up are the HKxJF02 and I hate to admit it, but these actually look sort of slick. Available in either Black, Blue, and Army Camo, these simple rounded shares don’t look too out of place from your usual selection of specs. A thin metal housing encases the lenses on the outside of the plastic frame. It gives them a unique 3D look with a sleek metal outline on the lenses. Catch these in the right light, and I bet these would actually look pretty swish. Fair play, Kojima – you’ve won me over with these ones.

Credit: Jean-Francois Rey

Get a load of these Gamer Goggles

Last up are the two items that any fan of Death Stranding will recognise instantly. The HKxJF03 comes paired with the LUDENS Mask, which Sam Porter Bridges frequently wears during the story of Death Stranding. The mask has been designed alongside SLS technic and comes equipped with adjustable nose pads and lenses. This is pitched as a collectors item and is only available in limited quantities. Eagle eyed fans will recognise the HIDEO KOJIMA Productions logo imbued into the arms of the mask.

Credit: Jean-Francois Rey

Sold alongside, the HKxJF03 are another ‘out there’ design that reminds me of welder goggles. The eye frames are thick around the edges, almost caging the wearer’s eyes in. It looks as though staples or chain links are embedded into the body too, giving them a distinct grunge aesthetic. Much like the HKxJF01’s, I’m sure these would look boujie on the cover of Vogue – maybe less so around the office.

If you were hoping to get your hands of any of these designs, let me stop you right there. I was always brought up to understand that if something didn’t have a price advertised, you probably couldn’t afford it. I imagine that’s probably the case with this collection as there’s no sign of a price or pre-order button anywhere on the site. You have to either call up a phone number directly or send them an email. I’ve requested a pricing quote from the designer but I’m yet to hear a reply back. I’m predicting that it’s going to be precisely Too Expensive™.

How much would you be willing to pay for a pair of spectacles designed by Hideo Kojima? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Jean-François Rey]