Here’s The List of Hidden Features In PS4’s Latest Firmware Update

Sony added in some sneaky fixes and features not mentioned in the official patch notes, but have no fear, the internet will find any and everything you don’t tell them about.

It does rise the question: Why aren’t these things mentioned? Some of them are actually semi-decent features that people have been requesting. But alas, here are the one’s we’ve heard about, and I’m sure there’s more out there.

  • Sony fixed an issue or intentional change (either way, it sucked) that made it so you couldn’t stream music through a USB drive. Now you can, thanks to Reddit user B_Boss for finding it.
  • You can turn off the pesky notification that confirmed you taking a screenshot. Why it was there in the first place, we may never know.


  • You can limit party sizes, ranging from 2-8 people. Something that should be in EVERY party based system.


  • Trophy screenshots got changed a bit, reported on NeoGAF by Andrefpvs. Check out the thread for details.


  • The problem of your PS4 network tests producing results that were just plain false has been resolved, according to many members of the community.
  • You can now remove the same old faces off the ‘people you may know’ section. Pretty useful if you actually use it.


That’s it for now, but we’ll try and update the list as new things are found.

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