Hello Games hopes to win fans back with this new major update in No Man’s Sky

Despite an extremely rough start last year, No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is hoping that their latest update will put them back in the good graces of gamers. The Path Finder update now offers ground vehicles, improvements to in-game visuals, support for the PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as new modes to offer a more survival-like vibe in the game.

In addition, Hello Games uploaded a new trailer showcasing the Path Finder update. Some of the new vehicles featured in the patch include a rover-like vehicle called the Roamer, and a hovercraft vehicle called the Nomad. Both vehicles allow you to explore planets at a faster rate.

Image: Hello Games

Lastly, the new update offers a variety of modes to choose from. Some of the new modes include a survival mode and a permadeath mode, which allows players to travel through the galaxy with only one life as well as a photography mode, allow you to take screenshots of your favorite No Man’s Sky moments.

Image: Hello Games

You can check out the new trailer below. No Man’s Sky is out now on PC and PlayStation 4.

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