GTA V’s biggest mystery remains unsolved but players have found a new clue

Grand Theft Auto V had its fair share of easter eggs and mysteries to uncover. Considering the game has been out for so long, players have manage to discover almost all the easter eggs and solve all its mysteries, except for one.

GTA V’s biggest mystery still continues to haunt players with no concrete answer found yet. We’re talking about the notoriously bizarre Mt.Chiliad Mystery. What’s more interesting is the fact that players are still finding new clues for this weird mystery in the game.


In case you don’t know, this mystery refers to a series of mysterious markings that you can find spread across Mount Chiliad in-game. It is by far the largest mountain in San Andreas and players have been uncovering new markings even now with no logical solution in sight.

A section of the GTA V players are still hard at work trying to make sense of what it might actually mean. They have examined these mysterious murals on Mt.Chiliad in detail trying to figure out a logical answer.

Not actual screenshot

There has been several conspiracy theories regarding what these murals might actually mean with players suggesting everything from them being a means to communicate with UFOs or having an relation with locale’s animal transformations and more.

However, nothing has been proven to be a logical or concrete answer to this mystery. And to make things even more interesting, a Youtuber has discovered a new way to uncover one of these mural’s drawings in the open world of GTA V.

As you can see in the video, he points to a location that appears familiar to a marker which resembles one of the X drawings on the mural of Mt.Chiliad. Interestingly, you can only view it during a certain time of the day, which was also the case for other related visual anomalies.

A secret phone number was discovered recently in-game

Although this might not be significant as a clue on its own but it will prove invaluable for other mystery solvers as it has uncovered a new method to go about finding other clues related to this mystery.

It actually opens up a whole new way to do things and perhaps this might be the key link in the chain that was missing all along and we can expect others to make some major breakthroughs soon.


UFOs? Aliens? A Jetpack or some other crazy secret resting deep within the GTA gameworld? You can’t say for sure but we’re ever so close to finding out what lies in wait once this mystery gets solved.

Watch the video below –

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