Unexpected Job Requirement For Female Gamers: ‘Be Comfortable Wearing A Bikini Top’

An unusual job advertisement was making the rounds on the internet. A classified ad was looking for a “Lady Video Game Streamer” who has no problem in wearing bikinis on camera.

Source: Babblestorm
Source: Babblestorm

The advertisement reads,“The ideal candidate will have experience working with computers and social networking websites.”

The ad which was later removed was posted earlier this week on Craigslist’s job listings for the DC area. Kotaku however managed to get a screen grab of the craiglist before it was removed.

The advertisement also added this thumping line saying, “Video game experience is preferred, but not required. As the majority of our audience is males 18-35, streamers should also be comfortable wearing a bikini top.”

It is clear from the ad that the employer isn’t really interested in your fondness of playing videogames or your skills or experience in the field. Heck, you don’t even need to be a gamer at all to apply for this “videogame” streaming job.

How a normal girl playing videogames looks like

In layman’s terms as long as you’re a female “gamer” with some enviable assets who isn’t shy of showing copious amounts of skin on camera, you’re eligible to apply. The times we live in (no really).

Adding to that the job offered a hefty salary of $30,000 per year which will annually raise on performance basis.

Source: Kotaku.com
Source: Kotaku.com

Jason Schreier of Kotaku even tried to find out if the advertisement was real by reaching out to them using a dummy e-mail, to which the poster replied by asking for a ‘quick Skype interview.’

Obviously, he did not follow up on that prospect as we’re sure he wouldn’t feel comfortable appearing for an Skype interview in a bikini top. We wouldn’t either and for the record we think neither would anyone else, male or female.