Rockstar Games Cuts Transphobic Content From GTA V Remasters

It looks like Rockstar Games has cut a bunch of content from GTA V that could have been considered as transphobic content [via GameByte].

Almost a decade after it was first released, GTA V was recently re-released for yet anothe console generation. The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions feature overhauled visuals and much faster loading speeds. However, it seems that Rockstar has moved some offensive content to the cutting room floor.

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GTA V PS5 Black Screen Error

What transphobic content has been cut from GTA V?

As pointed out by Kirsty Cloud on Twitter, it seems that the drag queens that were used as trans caricatures outside strip clubs have been removed from the game. “This could be following a plea from OutMakingGames last year. I hope this provides comfort to anyone who felt these NPCs depicted harmful stereotypes,” she writes.

Cloud notes later in the Twitter thread that the drag queen models are still available within the game’s director mode. However, they are no longer encounterable NPCs in the open world. The models can also still be found within the game files, labelled as ‘transvestites’.

OutMakingGames is an online community that aims to “connect and empower the LGBTQ+ community working in the games industry across the UK.” Last year, it wrote an open letter to Rockstar Games that asked the studio to readdress its portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community in the re-release of GTA V for new-gen consoles.

While it seems that Rockstar has responded to the open letter with action, it has not yet publicly acknowledged the change or released a public statement.

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